get out of the rut #asap
Personal Growth

get out of the rut #asap

The world is evolving, and it's crucial to recognize that certain long-held convictions need to be reconsidered. Too many of us are stuck doing things the same way, which is just making us miserable. Whether it's a job, schooling or just life in general, most of us have been stuck in a rut.

It seems that each day is the same. You just want to get through another day. You're unmotivated and unsatisfied. You want to improve, but you're afraid of the temporary pain it will bring.

While you may perceive that you are trapped in an endless cycle, you probably won't understand what the following stage ought to be.

You're torn between so many options that you're unsure which path to take?

And you remain stagnant instead?

This read is by no means a be-all, end-all solution.

I just know that if I've been through it, chances are you have (or are actually going through it), and a fresh perspective can be immensely beneficial.

#1 One size no longer has to fit all

Each person's path through education is unique. Previously, this journey was determined by its destination, a satisfactory education defined solely by exam results. Recently, the focus has turned to the journey itself, as well as the need for pathways that cater to each student's unique needs.

In less developed nations, entry-level education opens doors to opportunities in the same way as entrepreneurship, the internet, and self-awareness do in the developed ones.

Our education is packaged in a static fashion that does not reflect the reality of the opportunities or inculcate us with the required skills. The vanilla execution of education is a huge vulnerability because we're told that's the way out, but that isn't the modern model.

What Matters More: Skills or Degrees?

You are makers if you have expertise, and seekers if you have degrees. Think about it.!!

#2 the road always taken.

Of course, not everyone has a career with a big purpose, but most people have a sense of purpose in some aspect of their lives, even though it isn't work. You're vulnerable to a rut when you lose sight of your purpose and your course becomes unclear.

Isn't it unreasonable to ask anyone to work a 9 to 5 job for 30 to 40 years?

If you don't like what you're doing, you won't be able to do it for long is not a desi kind of saying. The majority of us cling on to our jobs not because we don't deserve better, but because we desperately need one. Breaking free from such a bind and daring to dream big is always the right thing but not the safest thing to do.

#3 i had a dream but i don't wanna talk about it

When I was younger, life was much easier. I just did things that made me curious without second-guessing myself. If I wanted to catch a dragonfly by the tail, I’d just go ahead and do it. I'd direct all of my time and resources to that single task. Maybe I wasn't "passionate" in the deeper sense, but in those few minutes of complete commitment, I had a clear sense of direction in life. What a simpler world it will be if we all stayed children forever.

All starts with a dream, but it necessitates action. The compelling emotion behind your dreams is passion. Nonetheless, this phenomenon has a toxic side that many of us are aware of but seldom discuss. Passion only looks romantic when you're in the midst of it. It's a different story when it's missing from your life.

Some people seem to have an innate calling on what they want in life and then there are people who seem to be clueless about what they’re supposed to do. For many of us, passion is a slim prospect that must be enhanced rather than a natural instinct.

There are people who have given up on their dreams due to social norms and family commitments. Trust me when I say that I apprehend. All I’m saying is if you want the general atmosphere surrounding idealism to change, you should start with yourself.


Now to break out of any rut requires action. Most people see it as a daunting move because they don't know where to begin or what to do. The majority of people come to a halt here and do not continue. Those who excel are those who think, prepare, learn, and search for open doors all around them. Keep no doubt you would fall many a time but remember to fall forward.